Fabrication de masque à la façon Handi Quilter

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ses longarms pour fabriquer des masques...


Watching the amazing army of quilters mobilize to make protective masks for health care workers, one at a time, Handi Quilter educators wanted to help speed up the process.

They picked a mask pattern that many health care facilities requested and digitized it! 80% of the work to create these masks is done automatically, using the computerized longarm system, Pro-Stitcher. Stitching out multiples at one time, speeds the work. Multiply that by 20 machines, and the Handi Quilter team members can turn out hundreds of masks daily.

Finishing steps take place at other work stations, using HQ Stitch machines. These masks are being sent to a large assisted living facility, and Handi Quilter encourages quilters to support their local health care providers.

Handi Quilter invites owners of Pro-Stitcher or any computerized longarm system to download the free digital facemask file and instructions.

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